Why young people should hold off on having children..

The discipline of religion and moral teachings kept the young people of the past (more than 125 years ago) in line as young teenage parents. A time when it was common for 15 year olds to marry and have children. But times have changed and along with it the ability for these young people to think for themselves at a much younger age. That is why society has to change and allow for the slower development of the younger generations. "Adulthood is not an event that happens on your 17th or 21st birthday," Dr. Lyons said. "It's a process that begins in adolescence and doesn't finish until the late 20s."--Dallas Morning News


way to long between posts. I finally have internet that works as I subscribed to at&t's dsl connection. and it works great, as great as charters never did. also, i reset my laptop to the way it was the day i bought it. i had been thinking of doing it for quite a while but was nervous about having to reinstall programs. turns out it was the best thing i ever did. my laptop was taking up to 10 minutes to boot up and i could not watch video or listen to music. now i can do both while surfing other sites as well. i finally have it going the way i want it to. hopefully i will get back into blogging and posting photos the way i used to. my wife's illness sure put a hold on everything i enjoyed doing. but now that she is home and feeling pretty good i finally have time for me again. got my blood sugar under control finally so very soon i will have my eyes checked and get some new glasses. today my insurance went into effect at my employer so they will pay $130 max towards glasses. i cannot wait as i sit 8 inches from the monitor to do my work. but it is ok as i don't have too much eye strain and i can see the screen clearly. so much more to write but this is a start in returning to regular posting.