don't think i will upgrade my laptop to windows 7. 2 reasons mainly. one, my current laptop, a dell inspiron b120 is probably a bit underpowered for w7. the other is i have read where just as with vista, a lot of older hardware does not work with it. i have a some older hardware and software that works just fine with my xp system so i think it would be good keep an older system running xp around for those times i want/need to use something incompatible with w7.
what a hard weekend! worked 5 hours in the 103 degree sun loading the trailer to take a bunch of stuff to our oldest daughter. then yesterday, because i am insane to do the cooking i spent 2hrs outside grilling brisket (mostly precooked, just adding some flavor), chicken and sausage. but it was worth it in every way! it was absolutely delicious and everyone ate their fill. including the little ones aged 9,6, and 5. they usually take forever to finish their dinner but they couldn't get enough of the chicken. now that is a compliment. drove home yesterday evening with a shower and bed in our vision. so much still to do here to get our apartment looking like a home but we just have to take a day of rest. so for today it is movies, net surfing, and rest. after all it is a holiday weekend.