Well, that did it. An interception at this point shuts the door. Dallas put up a good fight but just not strong enough yet. We will see as the season goes on. These two teams could meet again down the road....
Not good enough. A field goal is not going to get the job done. Dallas should have run it twice since they are running all over New England. I just don't see how the Dallas defense is going to stop them.
Well, couldn't hold them that time. Gave up too many pass plays (that is all New England can do is pass, no running game to speak of) and that is only going to get worse. Dallas must create some turnovers because New England is not going to beat themselves with mistakes. Pressure must get there quicker.
Hearts are fluttering! What a drive! And that pass for the touchdown? That was special. Tom Brady is not the only quarterback that can throw it on a rope. This should be a great game the rest of the way.
If, and that is a big if, Dallas can keep from giving up a score on the first drive after halftime, maybe Dallas can make a ballgame of it. The offense now knows it can move the ball against the Patriots, they just have to find a way to stop them. Does Dallas take more risks with all out blitzes? Do they change up their pass coverage schemes? I do not know but something will have to happen for Dallas to win.
Well, I think that just showed that Dallas is not ready to compete with the big boys. After getting the emotional lift with the fumble return, they just cannot stop the New England offense. They come so close to sacking Brady and then he gets it away. Two sacks is good but they just cannot put enough pressure on him. The only thing that will keep this a good game is if Dallas can get a touchdown before halftime and keep the score within four points. With New England getting the ball first after halftime, they must stop them.
Now that may be what Dallas needed to feel they belong on the same level with New England. And with that emotion flowing the defense will be right back out there ready to go after them again.
First quarter of and my fears are coming true. While the Dallas defense has made a couple of plays for the most part New England has done what they have wanted to do. And as par for the year Dallas offense has started slow. This is not a team that Dallas can start slow against. Finally putting a drive together and getting three points is a start but Dallas cannot afford to give up any more points.

Is this all we really are??

Is this true? Is it ok?
clipped from www.nytimes.com
Or is it just another example of the fact that Americans age, but never seem to mature?
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When not trying to impress someone impresses them...

I am never going to be a "beautiful" person as far as physical appearance. I also will never be considered "cool" due to my personality. I am just a guy. Because of that I have always tried to find a way to impress a woman. I would try to be cool or hip. I would either smoke some weed, dress a certain way, be an impressive single father or otherwise try to be someone that I was not. I was a good, hardworking single father but I used that to try to impress women. The other day as I was gazing at my newest Playboy magazine I realized that there is no way I could ever impress a woman that looks as they do by being something that I was not. Being fake is not very impressive at all. I can see where a beautiful woman would be more impressed by someone that is not trying to impress her. I mean there is a right and wrong way to impress a person. Flowers and a bottle of wine at dinner can be impressive. Trying to go out of your way to be something you are not is not impressive. What I never realized because I did not know who I was is that everyone who figures out who they are and who they are not ends up having different things they are looking for in another person. I believe some attractive women figure out that they can attract a lot of men to themselves and because of that they start to look for other qualities than just what a man looks like. I truly believe that is why I see a number of less than perfect body men with very attractive women. If you can have anything you want, you will become much more selective as to what you will have. If I could go back 20 years I would simply dress nice, be true to myself and not worry what others thought of me. That would have been attractive to someone and I would not have had to work at. Natural is a beautiful thing.


Another week gone by...

And what a week it was. That is not a good thing this time. Friday we had a meeting to discuss my claims that are over 30 days in age. I was totally unprepared because I was not fully told what was expected of me at this meeting. I really looked bad but I still have a job and I am making it right. Earlier this week I read that my new fav show is on the bubble. Actually, all four new shows on NBC are on the bubble. That includes Bionic Woman and Life. I am not that excited by Bionic Woman but I really do like Life so I will be quite disappointed if it is canceled. What is ironic is Life has taken the place of Smith from last year, the show about some high end thieves. Life is drawing few viewers than Smith did but this year NBC is ok with the numbers. That is because twelve months later there are fewer viewers watching television. I have reduced my watching to one program a week in primetime, Life. I happen to watch Bionic Woman but only because it comes on right before Life and I don't really watch it. I do watch Numbers on Friday nights with Tam at the nursing home but really again, just kind of listen to bits and pieces. Last week I ordered three Kid Rock cd's including his new release (came out Tuesday). I have listened to about half each cd and I like him more than before. I am a fan of his hard rockin' music but he sings ballads quite well also. I know why he does not get airplay; his lyrics are way too explicit and I know maybe I should not listen to that stuff, but the way he sings it just sounds cool. Tammi even thinks so. To me he is a throwback to 80's hard rock but combined with his rapping he has a sound all his own. I just like it. Tomorrow is the big game between the Cowboys and Patriots. I hope in 24 hours I am writing about a Cowboys victory as that will legitimize them as worthy opponents for the Super Bowl. Irony again takes shape as last year Dallas beat Indy so it can be done and I expect a very good game. At the least if they are competitive with a close score they will still be legit.


Is luck good fortune or is good fortune just being luck?

That is what I am wondering regarding the Dallas Cowboys win last night over the Buffalo Bills. Did Dallas get lucky? Did the Bills get lucky to even be in the game? Was Dallas fortunate to recover the onside kick or was Buffalo unfortunate that they could not cover it? So many questions, but the only question I care about is 'Did Dallas win the ballgame?' And of course the answer to that is YES!! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!! Luck, Good Fortune, Blessed. All abstract ideas we assign whenever something happens to us that has a pleasant or beneficial outcome. But hidden somewhere inside of that good thing are action and choices we made that led us to be in that particular position. It is of course my Butterfly Effect that is the cause of all of this. Sam Hurd punching the ball instead of trying to catch it himself. The groundskeeper for the Bills stadium maintaining the field in just such a way that the ball bounced as it did. Each effect has a cause and in turn each effect creates a new cause. Our entire universe is built upon this principle. If you believe the astronomers and the big bang theory then this is all just part of that expansion. The progression of time and where the universe is headed is so much larger than each of out puny lives and yet each living creature, each atom that makes up all the suns and planets and comets and black holes has its part to play until we reach the final end. Each day here on Earth, each life that passes and is born, has a part to play. We cannot look at things as individuals trying to get all that each of us can get. You cannot take it with you but by giving it all away you keep the movement of time going forward, something for the next generation to use in the quest to become what we are destined to be.



That is what I am. Allergies are just making me miserable. I have been taking some medication but at this time it is only doing so much. I can't wait for the first good cold front to come through and blow out whatever is causing my allergies.


Another new wifi hangout...

Right now I am spending my lunch hour at the library that is closest to my work. I have never been here before but have driven by it many times over the last four years. I really should have been coming here for lunch during the summer as it is very cool. Although there are quite a number of people here (more than I expected for this time of day) it is quite reasonably quiet and the wireless connection is top notch. Getting away from work for an hour really is important. I have just become too burned out working 8 or 9 hours straight without a break. Spoke to the office today about the kids downstairs and basically told the manager that either they had to go or I had to. Last night there was not a peep out of them but that is normal one or two nights a week. She said she would send them a letter for violation of their lease. I hope it works as I like having enough sleep.