Meet The Press 10/9/2011

David Gregory is interviewing Rahm Emanual. I knew he formerly was the Chief of Staff for President Obama however that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge about him. After listening to him in depth, I really like what he has to say. Straight shooter, no nonsense speak. I know, as mayor of Chicago, that is is priority, but what he has to say goes for all cities across America. His ability to express his understanding of what the workforce, especially the middle class, is going through impressive. He speaks of "rebuilding America's infrastructure" as the way to create jobs. I agree with him as I have read numerous reports about our growing decay of roads, bridges and other infrastructure. How can we move goods if the roads are impassible or the bridges have fallen?

I have heard so much opposition to President Obama's health care plan. I for one am a supporter of the plan. As a full time worker without any insurance this is the best option for me. My company does offer a healthcare plan however for what it costs me it really does not cover much, especially catastrophic care. I say to those that oppose the government healthcare plan, give me a better option and I will happily listen to, follow it if it is indeed better. And getting a job that offers better insurance coverage is not a viable answer. In this current economy I am extremely fortunate to have a job. There is no guarantee I could even find another job that would offer better healthcare coverage. And even if I did, then what about the guy that takes my place? This is a bigger issue than just me. Quit condemning this plan and come up with a better one (which I will gladly take).