Create Emotional Photos - Tips by Bob Holmes

I have discovered this about myself. I do not have the patience to spend hours setting up a shot in studio for a 5 minute shot. ADD or simply hyper-activity keeps me from being still enough to do that. I love to wander with an open mind and keen eye to let the images flow to me. I was a bit apprehensive that some would think I was only lazy (not that what anyone thinks really matters to me, it doesn't) but Bob Holmes has reinforced in me that this is an acceptable though process.


Skyler Ray James

Skyler was like a son to me (so cliche but true) when he was younger. Unfortunately, for many reasons, about 12 years ago we all went seperate ways and lost touch. Lost touch with our children and ourselves. Now Skyler is gone to keep my Dad company in Heaven and the rest of us are still struggling to find ourselves, to find our place in the here and now. Another reminder that we are only here for a short while and we need to enjoy our time here, but enjoy it in a positive, responsible way. I will miss you Skyler, I wish we could have been closer over the last few years. May your soul find eternal comfort with the Lord.

Now I'd vote for that!


Tuesday August 26th, 2014...another day, another story

Short story today. Work was hot and the day was long. Of course when the day is hot it leaves you longing for a nice cool shower. Learned my kid still hasn't grown up, I am beginning to wonder if she ever will. I see a bleak future for her. To keep myself from crushing under all the gloom every second not focused on work is thinking about photography. I do believe in previsualation so I concentrate on what settings to use for a particular subject. Ok, I have already deviated from my original story. Let me try again, day was hot, kid was dumb and my body hurts awfully bad. However (there is always a "however") tomorrow will be much harder. Take the wife to the doctor as she fubared up getting her much needed script, then work again in a hot warehouse, then take the grandbaby home and try to mow the mom's lawn. Looking foward to the holiday weekend. Till next time Keep Calm and Stay Cool!


2014 Irving Marathon

Two weeks ago I attended the 2014 Irving Marathon
as part of my Irving Photography Group. The conditions were anything but ideal for a marathon as the weather was damp, cold, and blustery. I had to admire and respect all the runners

that turned out for the event even with the less than perfect atmosphere. There was a band, Breaking Southwest who only performed a couple of songs (I thought they were great) due to the cold and wind. Of course no matter the weather conditions, the sponsors were still out front and center. Chik-Fil-A's
army of assistants were continuously handing out their famous chicken sandwich (of course I had to have some!) I shot over 900 frames however only about 30 were worth keeping. I learned what I did wrong

and am looking forward to the next local race with the belief I will do a much better job of recording the events. I also am hopeful the weather will cooperate so I don't have to turn all the photos into black & white! Not that there is anything wrong with that but let's have some warm sun! I will post more photos going forward and they will also be available on my Flickr account.


Old Firehouse in downtown Irving

door_handle_01 by p_d_t
door_handle_01, a photo by p_d_t on Flickr.

Posting photos of my time last Saturday walking around downtown Irving with a couple of guys from my photog group. Hope they are enjoyed.


Neon sign for Big State Drugstore in Downtown Irving

Irving_20140301_002 by p_d_t
Irving_20140301_002, a photo by p_d_t on Flickr.

I spent Saturday afternoon with a couple of guys from the Irving Photography Meetup group I joined last month. This was the first time I had a chance to get together with the group. We had a great time as the weather was perfect along with plenty of subjects to shoot.


Lazy Day

Lazy Day by p_d_t
Lazy Day, a photo by p_d_t on Flickr.

Three shot composite photo used to learn and develop my workflow process.



Sixteen years, a long time and yet it has been an eye blink gone by. I wish I had been there for you as mine was for me. Not to be, at least not yet. Someday I hope you make the choice. I trust in God there is a plan and I have faith that somewhere, sometime the Plan He has for you and the Plan He has for me will intersect. I wish I could change things, free will allowed me to make the choices I made. I hope today was all you expected it to be. Never will I know what I could have known however my faith in Him is as strong as ever.


New Year - New Comittment

I have strayed so far from my blog over the past several years I am ashamed. I started this as a way for my family to keep up with us when we lived in South Dakota in the days before you could post photos. Back then you had to find a file hosting site and for the average common man it was such a pain. Now it seems Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and several other social media sites have pushed blogger to the wayside. I still love this format, especially for me to record what I am thinking and feeling rather than as a way to share with others. Having said that I surely don't mind others reading what I recorded, otherwise I would just type it in notepad and keep it on my laptop. So going forward I am going to record more here. I am not sure why this seems to be important to me but it is and that is all that matters.