Dems vs Repubs...

Republicans want less government oversight, yet it is coming out that is exactly why our beautiful Gulf of Mexico is becoming an oil stained cesspool. Shame on those that believe people in charge are fully capable of regulating themselves. Greed is human nature and without outside sources to monitor any situation, even those with the best intentions will slowly lose discipline and give in to greed. It is the devils work and there is no one that can stand up to the devil alone. We all as mortal humans need some assistance.


Way too infrequent of postings...will strive to do better

this past weekend I bought some cilantro (coriander) and have starting incorporating it into my daily cooking. researching it I came across this information from wikipedia: Coriander has been documented as a traditional treatment for diabetes. A study on mice found that coriander extract had both insulin-releasing and insulin-like activity.[17] Coriander seeds were found in a study on rats to have a significant hypolipidemic effect, resulting in lowering of levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides, and increasing levels of high-density lipoprotein. This effect appeared to be caused by increasing synthesis of bile by the liver and increasing the breakdown of cholesterol into other compounds.[1 so not only is it adding new flavors to my food, it is actually very healthy for me. maybe this is part of why my eyes are straining, my sugar is under even better control and my eye prescription has changed.