So much going on....

Where do I start at? I guess with my health news. This past week I finally went to my doctor regarding my high blood sugar. He started me in some medications and after just one day I felt so much better. I cannot remember feeling as good as I have felt this past week. It really is amazing. I have suffered from ringing in the ears (tinitus) for years and since I started this medication I no longer have it. Imagine being sick with a cold, your head stuffy and you have a fever. Now remember how wonderful it felt the moment the fever broke and your head suddenly cleared. That is how I feel. I can listen to music without my head hurting because the ringing causes pain. I stay up to midnight and feel better after 6 1/2 hours of sleep than I did when I would sleep 9 hours. I have so much more energy than previously. And I feel it will only get better as the doctor still has to fine tune my medications. Jessica went to the emergency room Friday night. They thought she had appendicitis but it turns out that is incorrect. The belief is that she is suffering from an ovarian cyst and if it bursts on its own she will be fine. If if does not she will have surgery. Lets hope she does not need surgery. Well, for the first time I am at the Arlington Library. They offer free 802.11g wifi and I have been wanting to see just how good it is. The Grand Prairie library only has "b" and it was slow. I am in a room in a corner of the building and even though my little meter says it is a weak signal, it is more than adequate. They have some comfortable looking chairs in the middle but I will have to use the battery if I choose to sit there. The good thing about this library is that Mon-Thurs it is open until 9pm so if I need to get online after work, I will have as much as an hour and half of time. I am finding that except for youtube and such, I really don't need the internet at home. I use my works connection for banking as they have the best security and ease of access. In other words, instead of stressing over what I don't have (internet at home) I have found out how to use what I do have (library, coffee shop, parents, dial-up). I know I am way behind on figuring this out, but life is complicated and I am so far behind on learning how to live life. I have learned that for the majority of what I need a connection for, I only need to be online for a short period. Take emails and my blog: I can create the emails and entries at home or wherever during the week and just upload whenever I do get to be online. Don't get me wrong, I would really like a connection at home and I will have one again after we move this summer but until then I have learned to make do. A benefit of not having it at home is that it gets me out of the house. I have always been a keep to myself hermit but no longer. I enjoy being out in public and around people. I can't wait for Tammi to be well so she can go with me. I will get her a laptop of her own even though she just does not think it is a needed thing. But deep down I know she will enjoy it. Doing our own thing yet doing it together is something we have always done and it is one reason we fit so well. We don't have that jealous hangup about having to always have each others attention. We can sit in the same room, feel each others presence and the love that goes with it without speaking to each other. I love her so much and just hope and pray that she has a lot of years left in her. We have so much to do together. I will do my part and just pray that the Lord sees fit for us to have that time together. Sometimes I feel, because of how I yearned so hard for her to return to my life, that He says "ok, you wanted her, now you got her. Lets see if you truly want to be with her". Well, I don't think twice about it, whatever comes our way, comes our way. As long as I have her, I can do anything else. I just know that the price for great love is the great pain felt when the Lord calls to take them from us. I read that, or something to that effect awhile back. I wanted to mention that last part so no one thinks I stole someone else's quote. Gotta go, going to wash her hair today.


Been really sick past 2 days. flu going around. not going to say much right now. hopefully I will be back at full strength this weekend. still have to post last 2 photos of tam's wound. not too big right now. will be moving to new hospital soon as she is not sick enough for this one but with the traction she still needs to be in a facility.


Ok, I am going to try this again as it posted to the wrong blog. I did a copy and paste and got it there but this time I am going to try to get it to the right one the first time. I am not sure what advantage I would have using docs and spreadsheets over the blogger interface but it never hurts to figure out how to use it. The one thing I can do is write an entry at home and then upload whenever I get net access later for posting.
Well, Well for the last hour I have been playing around with Googles docs and spreadsheets tools. Last summer I had signed up for the spreadsheet function as I have reports I do for work and I thought that would be a good way to alway have access as I am gone a lot of the time. With Tammi being in the hospital so much it would have worked out except my employer blocked the access. anyhow, I just uploaded a letter I had written to my daughter when I noticed that the docs function (formerly Writely) had an export to pdf function. I love that as I use it in my openoffice program to change my report to a pdf for easier emailing to various people within the company. I know ms office has alot more functions than either openoffice or google docs, but for the general user both are quite functional, adequate and best of all free. I like the ability to store my docs online for access whenever I need them, but I do have to be online to get at them.