Flowers for me

bluebonnet2013001 by p_d_t
bluebonnet2013001, a photo by p_d_t on Flickr.

Bluebonnet next to my Mother-in-laws house near Moran, TX. I was very pleased with the outcome of this this shot as I feel it almost has a water color on canvas look.

The "Play Station" of my youth...

mattel_football_II by p_d_t
mattel_football_II, a photo by p_d_t on Flickr.

This was my 14th birthday gift from my parents. State of the art electronic game of the time. I would play this for hours & hours creating whole seasons between the two teams (home & away, how original!). This is the kind of thing that kept me from getting bored and running the streets causing mischief and mayhem.


A childhood long gone...

sixmildolman by p_d_t
sixmildolman, a photo by p_d_t on Flickr.

About a year ago a found my lunchbox from my 4th grade. I had thought it was long lost however my Mom had it all these years with craft supplies. It is things such as this that are woven with the memories of my youth.