welll, blogger is working, i have all of my blogs on the main page. now i can send the link to friends and family. tam had a bad day, was jumped on by monique, the heffierous bitch of a nurse at her work. tam had to have a small drop of blood drawn to have her sugar level checked and monique(bitch) jammed the prick needle real hard. she is moving out of state soon, as soon as her house sells, thank goodness. i would be going to jail for kicking her ass if she doesn't go soon. dont like my woman coming home in a bad mood. one day closer to going to texas. the weather was very nice today, got up int to high 20's and bright blue sky. the sky is so blue and pretty here. 15 yrs in dfw had me forgetting what a pretty sky looked like. work was mundane today, nothing of interest happened. got another email from ex #2. it was productive. she wants to have good comunication and i am all for that. we will see how things go. i have not seen my son in 4 yrs and at present i don't think i will anytime soon. it is for the best. we shall see.
1st not sure if blogger is working i cant seem to get my latest entries on the main page. maybe i am doing something wrong. got a 2nd email from ex #2 and it was much nicer. she verified my employment and apologized for calling me a lier. maybe we can be civilized in our conversation now. that is all i eve asked of her. heard from jess, she seems to be doing ok. dont know why but did not wake tammi up on time this morning. for some reason i thought is was her day off again. sleeping on the "slab" is reall taking its toll on us. but only 10 days till we get our things and then life will be better. really looking forward to the trip although we won't have much time there. we are really happy living here although we miss our family. life is just full of ups and downs.


well it is sunday evening and i received an email today from ex-wife #2 calling me a liar. she thinks i am not working and having my child support deducted as she has not received any funds for jan or feb. well i sent her back an copy of my check stub showing it was, so hopefully that will be that. have not heard from my daughter today, she was supposed to call me. she lives in arkansas. she is from ex-wife #1. this is the beginning of backtracking as to how we arrived in south dakota.
This is the 1st entry of my 1st ever blog. Being such a novice at this I hope anyone that sees this will cut me some slack until I get better and more familiar with what is going on. With so much stress in a person's life, people just need an outlet for what is inside them. I have read how some "techies" are not fond of blogs being used as personal journals, but I think it will be a good way to keep my sanity. in the coming days i will be backtracking over the last 1 1/2 yrs to set up how Tam and I arrived in S. Dakota all the way from Texas.