now I am posting from the lunch room at work. Netzero works pretty good. Dial up still has a place in the world, at least until wifi is everywhere. Not good for watching streaming video but for checking email or blogging it works fine. I just got an inviation at yahoo to test their new beta email. looks just like outlook express and works the same. But I like that. If I can just get all my other emails in one spot life will be good. Maybe I can use some type of auto-forwarding setup. We shall see. Tam is doing fine. I ran across an email I had been sent over a year ago from the sister of someone she used to know. A nasty person she was. But she was proved wrong as Tam and I are strong. We just lost our way for a short while. Got to go, lunch is over.


Brave new world....

Well, right now I am posting from a coffee shop with my new Dell notebook. That's right. I broke (literally now!!) down and bought a Dell. It is a base base model but it offered everything I wanted plus a little more. Last Friday as I arrived to work I was having one of my conversations with the Lord, telling him that it just had not been the right time to buy a notebook. I just said that I would leave it up to Him to tell me when the right time did come. Later that day as I was walking through the lobby at work I saw the weekly Life mini-magazine on the table. The Dell ad is what caught my eye. They were selling their base laptop for $467 with free upgrades to 512mb of ram and built in wifi (b/g). It came with a cd-rw burner/dvd player and a 14.1 screen. I don't know why but it just felt right to get this one. It has all I needed plus it will run Vista when that finally comes out. I have not been able to really use it until now but I have no regrets buying it even though I have so much more to be paying for. I watch a dvd I had recorded the other night of the show 24 and it looked good. I hope buying a Dell has bought me some quality as I cannot be replacing it any time soon but so far it works beautiful. This coffee shop is like a knock off of Starbucks but with it having free internet it is worth the $4 for a grande coffee. I will be coming here 2-3 nights a week after work to read email and such. I typed a letter to my daughter the other morning at the hospital while they tended to my wife. This is really cool. I tested it out by watching 24 while typing a letter and it worked really well so I am set. and with the burner I can backup anything anytime. I am so out there in the world like I never have been before. I was born 20 years to early. To be a college or high school kid now would be great. But oh well, better late than never. I can't wait for Tam to get out of the hospital and come share this with me. Once she is hooked I will have to buy her a notebook of her own. the only thing I just learned tonight is that this coffee house has wall sockets everywheres which means I could have brought my old laptop and done the same. but this is cool and finally I have a notebook that is strong enough to stream video. yeah.



So much to report and so little time. But things are going to get much better soon. I broke down (and got broke!!!) and bought a laptop. I got the Dell entry level Inspirion B120 but it should do what I need it to do. 40gb hd, 512 megs ram, cdrw-dvd combo drive. I think that will be enough for what I want. I want to be able to watch shows at the hospital that I have recorded on my dvr. That way Tam and I can share in it. I want to be able to surf the net when away from the house. My old laptops don't have a battery so I have to find an outlet. Also, they are just not powerful enough to watch video like what is on abc.com. I found a coffee shop very close to my work that has free wifi so I figure I will stop in a couple of nights (or mornings depending on the amount of patrons) a week. Just long enough to check email, read some news, maybe upload some pictures to yahoo (they partnered with Target and it worked wonderful) for printing. I have found since I lost my internet connection at home just how much time I was wasting goofing off. I now get a lot more of my chores done along with many more of my other hobbies and interets. That includes stuff on the computer, but not surfing. Editing photos or video or writing letters to doctors, hospitals, or my daughter. Or maybe just posting to my blog, haha! Tam was moved to a rehab hospital on Thursday. We don't know how long she will be there but once she is strong enough to put weight on her legs she will go back to Presby for surgery, at least most likely. She may not ever have surgery and just take antibiotics for the remainder of her life. Soon I am going to the doctor to be tested for bi-polar and diabeties. I am borderline diabetic and we are convinced I am bi-polar. I look at all the symptoms of my daughters diagnosis and compare them to my entire life and I fit perfectly. I wonder what it will be like to be "normal". What could I have become? Could I have done a better job teaching my daughter? Could I have avoided the pitfalls of my ex-wife (my son's mother)? I will never know and I cannot dwell on that which has already happened, I can only go forward. Speaking of my ex, she has been "not nice" again but I made a choice that I was not going to let negative people bring me down and I have had a really good coupld of days since. I don't know when I will get to post again but I do know once I get my new laptop I will be able to post a couple of times a week at the coffee shop, Americas Best Coffee, which is just a short hop from my work. I plan on moving close to work at the end of July so this will work out very well, I think. I really miss my wife, I want her home soon. It is hard but I perservere.


So much to tell. No time to tell it. No internet connection at home anymore. What am I ever to do?? I have to find time to use the email function at work. Maybe go to Mcdonalds and use their wireless service.