welll, blogger is working, i have all of my blogs on the main page. now i can send the link to friends and family. tam had a bad day, was jumped on by monique, the heffierous bitch of a nurse at her work. tam had to have a small drop of blood drawn to have her sugar level checked and monique(bitch) jammed the prick needle real hard. she is moving out of state soon, as soon as her house sells, thank goodness. i would be going to jail for kicking her ass if she doesn't go soon. dont like my woman coming home in a bad mood. one day closer to going to texas. the weather was very nice today, got up int to high 20's and bright blue sky. the sky is so blue and pretty here. 15 yrs in dfw had me forgetting what a pretty sky looked like. work was mundane today, nothing of interest happened. got another email from ex #2. it was productive. she wants to have good comunication and i am all for that. we will see how things go. i have not seen my son in 4 yrs and at present i don't think i will anytime soon. it is for the best. we shall see.

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