How do some make it?

Through life? Get degrees? Have substantial incomes and incredible responsibility? Today I took a call at work from a woman who it turns out had just picked up her vehicle. She was quite upset that we had not repaired one of the items she had brought it in for. She was telling me that her plug for her phone was still inop because we had not fixed the power socket. She told me she had found a fuse and a screw in the socket when she had pulled her phone adapter out. I told her to just hold on a moment and I would go ask the technician who had worked on her car as he was also working today. He had notated in his story that he could not duplicate the problem. That had her in a tizzy! After conferring with the technician it became apparent that we did not understand the nature of her complaint. I was talking to her, attempting to get more information about just what had happened to her power socket when it occurred to me that it was not her car that had broken, it was her phone adapter!. I never cease to be amazed at how intelligent, successful people can be so dense! I know I have my moments too and when I do, others are free to snicker at me but my goodness how do you not figure out the dang fuse fell out of the adapter? That the pieces of plastic and loose screws came from the device? I just don't get it sometimes.
Today was a killer of a day! The first five hours we were non-stop running around. We were so busy as we were the only dealer in the company open. My company has an annual event call the "Garage Sale" where all the used cars from all the dealers are moved to our facility along with onsite financing. It is a big deal and as I said we are the only service department open. Once it died down some around 1pm I went to my office to catch up on paperwork. All in all it was a good day but my legs are wore out. I also ended up with over 21 hours of overtime so I have another fat check coming! That is always a good thing!
I watched a movie tonight, "The Bone Collector", and while it was ok and I am sure the DVD version is better (i.e. more graphic) I do wonder about something. A lot of the scenes in the movie take place in old abandoned buildings and far beneath the surface in New York City. Parts of Staten Island and Manhatten are shown and what I really want to know is, does New York really consist of that much decay? So many abandoned buildings and rotting infrastructure, is that really a part of New York? It seems with the lack of space in and around the city every inch of available space would be cleaned up and made available. But then what do I know? I am just a hick from rural Texas who dont kno nuthin!

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