Well, Well for the last hour I have been playing around with Googles docs and spreadsheets tools. Last summer I had signed up for the spreadsheet function as I have reports I do for work and I thought that would be a good way to alway have access as I am gone a lot of the time. With Tammi being in the hospital so much it would have worked out except my employer blocked the access. anyhow, I just uploaded a letter I had written to my daughter when I noticed that the docs function (formerly Writely) had an export to pdf function. I love that as I use it in my openoffice program to change my report to a pdf for easier emailing to various people within the company. I know ms office has alot more functions than either openoffice or google docs, but for the general user both are quite functional, adequate and best of all free. I like the ability to store my docs online for access whenever I need them, but I do have to be online to get at them.

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