Sadness...and then boredom

Today I lost one of my (and many another 40-something year old man) childhood heroes. Evel Kneivel passed away and with him another link to my childhood. While my memories will never fade, knowing he is gone will push them a little more into the past. Every once in a while I would see him in the news and it would bring back the memories of me trying to jump my wagon with my bike as a ten year old. Twisted that knee and to this day it hurts when the weather turns colder! I remember watching the Wide World of Sports on ABC with anticipation of his spectacular showmanship. It is just another reminder that I am getting older with each passing day. Now for the boredom. Loved the fact that Dallas won the game but if the NFL Network ever wants to achieve its goal of competing with the broadcast networks it will absolutely have to find a better broadcast team. I like Chris Collinsworth on Sunday's when he is in the studio but him and Bryant Gumbel just cannot call a game. That was about the most boring experience I have ever had when watching the Cowboys. Fox has the crowd going in the background and just makes it feel alive. A lot of people missed a pretty good game but they did not miss anything when it came to the team in the booth.

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Tony said...

Just browsing through. I used to love Evel Kneivel, I even had the Action figure with the motorcycle. I dreamed of being a stunt man, pretty silly when I think about it now. My kids just play video games and don't really have any "heros" like that.

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