Musings and such...

Just a few things to update what is going on in my life right now. Work is progressing at a steady, albeit slow, pace. My immediate boss is a young woman probably 15-18 years my junior and although she is sweet and nice she is also somewhat condescending to others. I respect what she has accomplished and where she is but what I feel she does not understand is that what we do there is not that difficult of a job. I will have everything down and be proficient within a month. But there will be no rocking of any boats by me. I really like this company and what I do there does not matter to me, working for the company is what matters. For now having a non-challenging job is really nice after all the stress I have endured the past year. I think things can only get better as time goes on here. I have finally figured out what I should have become in my life. I love to learn. I love photography. I love history. I wish I would have figured out 20 years ago that what I should have become was a professor at a small college. What I would like to have become is a teacher of the impact that photography had on human civilization. Not teaching photography but rather what photography did for mankind. How it changed us. I still believe I will pursue this but now for personal gain. I have long since passed the option of being able to go to school and become what I was meant to be. We all have paths laid out for us but it is our ability to have free will that causes these paths to change course from the original destination. Maybe as an amateur I will still be able to write a short paper about the impact of photography on mankind. I know it has been before but maybe I can find a new angle or point of view to express it in a different way. Maybe not. Maybe I am just a guy on the back end of my life wishing I had done things differently, knowing that my best years are behind me and I don't want to admit that. Who knows but with the power of the internet and even this very blog, all of us can be what we always wanted to be.

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