way to long between posts. I finally have internet that works as I subscribed to at&t's dsl connection. and it works great, as great as charters never did. also, i reset my laptop to the way it was the day i bought it. i had been thinking of doing it for quite a while but was nervous about having to reinstall programs. turns out it was the best thing i ever did. my laptop was taking up to 10 minutes to boot up and i could not watch video or listen to music. now i can do both while surfing other sites as well. i finally have it going the way i want it to. hopefully i will get back into blogging and posting photos the way i used to. my wife's illness sure put a hold on everything i enjoyed doing. but now that she is home and feeling pretty good i finally have time for me again. got my blood sugar under control finally so very soon i will have my eyes checked and get some new glasses. today my insurance went into effect at my employer so they will pay $130 max towards glasses. i cannot wait as i sit 8 inches from the monitor to do my work. but it is ok as i don't have too much eye strain and i can see the screen clearly. so much more to write but this is a start in returning to regular posting.

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