Who are they kidding?

Yesterday I read an article stating that due to the formula used to calculate the COLA (cost of living adjustment) for Social Security, there will not be an increase for the next two years. This after an increase every year for the last 30 years. Apparently, inflation is going to remain low for the next two years and low inflation is what keeps the COLA from kicking in. I am just an average person but when I can see my groceries continuing to cost more and my utilities have increased, I would say inflation is still with us. On this same theme, today my company put out a newsletter stating it was paying a very small dividend for the quarter just ended. Of course, the can pay this because they put a freeze on merit raises this year. Once again, shareholders take precedence over the most important resource a company has. Ah, the sign of the times. We are supposed to be happy we have employment (and I am) with the hope that when good times return the company will give back a couple of hours of overtime and annual raises (which they probably won't). Found a cool site for listening to music. Pandora is different than just streaming a radio station. You sign up, enter a band you like, and they choose other music based upon that style. Streams very good, sounds great, no hiccups, and free with advertising to support it.

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