On the horizon?

Tomorrow begins week three of my unemployment and while we have enough for a few months it is still worrisome. Last Tuesday I tested and interviewed for a customer service position with Geico. I passed their initial test and I felt the interview went well but have not received a return phone call. So I am disappointed and feeling a bit down. But I look at any prospective job with the attitude that if I don't get it I was not meant to have it. I will keep sending the resumes with the belief that something will come through. Tough game to watch the Dallas Cowboys game today, not sure how they managed to pull it out. But as they say, a win is a win. It is a lot easier to work on correcting the problems after getting win. Hopefully the Raiders will still be enjoying their upset of the Bengals today once Thursday comes around and the Cowboys will be able to take care of business without too much drama.

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