Cheap doesn't always mean cheap...

A couple of weeks ago I bought a "new" used camera for my collection. Even at 10 years old it is better than most cameras you can buy today. Then last week I came across a ball-head tripod at Amazon, lists for over $60 yet with all the discounts I got it for just over $20. I was skeptical that it would hold my "new" camera, which weighs 2.5lbs even though the tripod is rated to hold a maximum of 13lbs. Yet when I set it up and mounted the camera the small ball-head did hold it. Now maybe it will weaken within a few months and no longer hold it but for now it works quite well. Now I only need to find somewhere with some nice color to go shoot! The company that sells the tripod also has a small beginners lightroom (table top model) that includes a camera stand and 2 photo lights for a very reasonable price. Soon I will have this too as I have a birthday coming up in a few months!

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