Been a long time...

For reasons I cannot understand I just no longer seem able to dedicate time to posting on here. I became swept up in the Facebook craze where it was so much easier to put thoughts down. I have now grown weary of that and hope to continue to returning to my blogging roots here. This blog started out as a way for my family to stay updated on our lives when we had moved to Rapid City. Back then inserting and linking to photos was not an easy process as you had to actually learn a bit of coding. I taught myself how to code links to photos I had uploaded to various sites and while it worked it was cumbersome. How we have come such a long way in 10 years! Now, with the proliferation of digital photography and social media, billions of bytes of photo data is uploaded daily if not hourly (my opinion, I don't have statistical data supporting this). I have rededicated myself to my photography hobby as it is what really brings peace to my soul and here, on this forum is where I hope to express myself in words that accompany those images. The image I have included below is a sort of test to see how that linking process works and if it works well enough for me to continue it. I use Flickr and pay the small yearly fee for unlimited storage. I am forever connected to them as I do not want to have to update various posts with new links to images. So here goes, 10 years later!


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