Tuesday August 26th, 2014...another day, another story

Short story today. Work was hot and the day was long. Of course when the day is hot it leaves you longing for a nice cool shower. Learned my kid still hasn't grown up, I am beginning to wonder if she ever will. I see a bleak future for her. To keep myself from crushing under all the gloom every second not focused on work is thinking about photography. I do believe in previsualation so I concentrate on what settings to use for a particular subject. Ok, I have already deviated from my original story. Let me try again, day was hot, kid was dumb and my body hurts awfully bad. However (there is always a "however") tomorrow will be much harder. Take the wife to the doctor as she fubared up getting her much needed script, then work again in a hot warehouse, then take the grandbaby home and try to mow the mom's lawn. Looking foward to the holiday weekend. Till next time Keep Calm and Stay Cool!

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