A day to remember...and say goodbye....

I will post more on my daughter's 2 1/2 week disappearance but for now I will just say it has been quite a day today. She called last night and we drove out to Garland to pick her up. This morning, at 5:19 a.m. we got a phone call from Tam's daughter. She was letting us know that Harry, Tam's stepfather, had passed away just a short time ealier. He had been battling complications from a series of strokes for the last 4+ years and his time had finally arrived. He went peacefully in his sleep, something that I think we all would want. This week has been a drama filled time. Tam accidentally was tripped at the grocery store and severely sprained her wrist, she had it out with a 20 something employee at her new job, Jess finally returns home, and Harry passes. Tomorrow I will be driving out to be with the family at this time, not of sorrow, but of celebration. For all Harry was not, he was an American in every sense of the word. He served over 20 years in the Navy as a Seal, decorated and respected. We need to celebrate the man as he was, coarse, tough as nails, and patriotic to the end. You may not have liked him had you known him, but you would want him by your side if it was going to be a battle for your life. I have been very remiss in the past 2 months in posting entries, but I am going to get started up in earnest soon. We have finally moved to a 2 bedroom apt, about 5 miles from where we were living. Jess most likey will be going to her mothers for a 3 month visit. They have missed each other and they both want this. I think it will be good for them. I finally have wireless internet as I bought a wireless router a few months ago. I am not pleased with my new access though. I had to give up my Comcast cable internet; the only access we have at the new residence is naked DSL provided by a company called Grande. I have been very underwhelmed with their service so far. I have to repeatedly click on a link to get it to load, sometimes never getting where I want to be. Sometimes it works ok. I will give them a few weeks before I start complaining. When Yahoo is partnering with various companies and offering access for $14.95 a month, I should not have to pay $40 for the same thing. I will be complaining quite a bit soon.

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