For those suffering as a result of Hurrican Katrina. Pray for the babies, the elderly and those suffering because they have nothing. Pray hard, give them hope for that is all they have and all we can do at this time. Money is good, but right now what they need is water, food, blankets, clothing. We must band together at at time such as this and become one, as a world. The rest of the world always looks to us in times of need, now it is our turn. Babies are dying, and more will unless we help them. This is somethig that has never happened before but we all knew it would, someday. God has his ways of humbling us whenever we think we can do anything.
Work is going ok, busier than ever. Tam has a good job, although she works with some young 20-something twits. She misses the friendship and comaraderie she had at the clinic but you can't recreate some things. Jess has started school and I have been griping at her a little too much lately. I am so tired, can't get enough sleep and am always on the go with things to do. Moving is hard and we are not done yet. Tam's mom is doing ok, getting things going. Unfortunately, her step-son is starting to cause problems. He is a greedy good-for-nothing that thinks he is entitled to some of his fathers things. Harry had a will and the wife gets everything unless otherwise designated. So, now after burying her husband she has to deal with this. We will be watching him closely.

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