What do they know?

I had someone tell me that I must not love my daughter enough because of the trouble I am currently having with her. Maybe I had not spent enough time with her. I did not take this personally because this person does not know me, or her and they have not true idea of just how much I love my daughter. Of course I love her, with all my heart and soul. And as for spending time with her, I have spent more quality time with her than most people do with their children. But again, I did not take it personally as they do not know me or what I am about. I use this "blog" as a place to show the world my pictures as well as a place to put my thoughts when I need to speak out about something. But I now feel it is no longer appropiate to put my heartbreaking feelings here. I criticized someone once for their decision when I did not even know them, just what they wrote on their journal and I now realize that was wrong of me. We should not speak of things we really know nothing about, such as what the woman was feeling when I criticized her for her choice, just as someone that is judging my relationship with my daughter based upon a few words I have written down. I think many people write down their thoughts in this type of forum as they are just wanting a little support, not to be hurt. To judge without really haveing spent time with that person is very wrong. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson.

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