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I have come to the conclusion that my Dallas Cowboys will not win another Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones is running the team. I am watching the beginning of the Steelers/Bengals game and I am amazed at the patience shown by the Rooney family. Bill Cowher is still their head coach after, what, 15 years or so? and it just shows that one or even two bad seasons is not a reason to just blow everything up. He has shown time and time again that he knows how to build a winning team. Has he won a Super Bowl? No. He has taken them there once, been oh so close several times and yet the owners understand that it takes so much more than just a coach to win it all. Jerry Jones is so impatient to win another Super Bowl that he is working for the short term instead of the long term. Bill Parcells has a proven track record and has assembled the beginnings of a really good team, mostly on defense and at running back. But what concerns me is the lack of development at quarterback and wide receiver. Even in today's win-now mentality it takes a young quarterback a couple of years to get comfortable and in that vein of thought he needs to work with the same group of receivers to develop a comfort zone. Drew Bledsoe and the current group of receivers, with the exception of Patrick Crayton, are going to be here in a few years. So, is this young defense going to become old and stale by the time we have the offense ready? I am concerned that this will be the case. I know Jerry Jones wants to win now, but if the powers that be were to identify and get their quarterback and receivers this off-season so that they may grow along with this defense, they will be ready in three years to contend for a title. And also find Bill's replacement at coach. Sean Payton it is not, Mike Zimmer it should be. The Cowboys are going to lose Zimmer, if not this year, then by next year unless they make it understood, he will take over very soon for Bill Parcells. This is what I was alluding to at the beginning of this comment: Pittsburg has stayed a steady course with Cowher at the helm, and more years than not they are in the playoffs. Once again, he is set at quarterback for a decade, has a good young defense and running back. The Cowboys came close this year to having a really good year so the expectations will be very high heading into next year. But what happens if they don't make it? Bring in another hired hand at quarterback and wide receiver? Philip Rivers has been wasting away on the San Diego bench for two years. That means more years it will take for him to develop. Let's bring in our quarterback, receiving corps and head coach of the future and let them grow with the young defense and running backs we have now.

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