Brave new world....

Well, right now I am posting from a coffee shop with my new Dell notebook. That's right. I broke (literally now!!) down and bought a Dell. It is a base base model but it offered everything I wanted plus a little more. Last Friday as I arrived to work I was having one of my conversations with the Lord, telling him that it just had not been the right time to buy a notebook. I just said that I would leave it up to Him to tell me when the right time did come. Later that day as I was walking through the lobby at work I saw the weekly Life mini-magazine on the table. The Dell ad is what caught my eye. They were selling their base laptop for $467 with free upgrades to 512mb of ram and built in wifi (b/g). It came with a cd-rw burner/dvd player and a 14.1 screen. I don't know why but it just felt right to get this one. It has all I needed plus it will run Vista when that finally comes out. I have not been able to really use it until now but I have no regrets buying it even though I have so much more to be paying for. I watch a dvd I had recorded the other night of the show 24 and it looked good. I hope buying a Dell has bought me some quality as I cannot be replacing it any time soon but so far it works beautiful. This coffee shop is like a knock off of Starbucks but with it having free internet it is worth the $4 for a grande coffee. I will be coming here 2-3 nights a week after work to read email and such. I typed a letter to my daughter the other morning at the hospital while they tended to my wife. This is really cool. I tested it out by watching 24 while typing a letter and it worked really well so I am set. and with the burner I can backup anything anytime. I am so out there in the world like I never have been before. I was born 20 years to early. To be a college or high school kid now would be great. But oh well, better late than never. I can't wait for Tam to get out of the hospital and come share this with me. Once she is hooked I will have to buy her a notebook of her own. the only thing I just learned tonight is that this coffee house has wall sockets everywheres which means I could have brought my old laptop and done the same. but this is cool and finally I have a notebook that is strong enough to stream video. yeah.

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