A little commentary...

People need to understand that some things in life go both ways. Today I am going to be putting forth some commentary on the subject of fast lanes vs. slow lanes. I am a slow driver, I freely admit that. Not only because I drive an underpowered mini-van (last time I checked, any give speed was the same no matter what you were driving) although it will go fast if I want it to, it just won't get to speed very fast (acceleration for anyone that is confused). I also choose to drive slower, about 65mph on the expressway. I personally feel that is fast enough but I do want to make it clear that I used to drive much faster (85mph). After living in Rapid City with its slower way of life (no expressway to speak of) I have gotten used to the lower speeds. I also understand the respect of staying out of the fast lane if I am going to choose to drive at a slower speed. And now to my point of this little diatribe: If you are going to be a fast driver, stay out of my lane!. I mean, that is only fair, I want to go slow so I stay in the slow lane, putting up with all the drivers (fast and slow) merging onto and off of the expressway while keeping an eye out for any idiots making three lane exits at 90mph. The least the fast drivers could do for me is get out of my lane as soon as you get on the expressway and stay out. If a slow driver does decide to be rude and stay in a fast lane, don't take it out on me and make a 3 lane change to go around them, endangering everyones life. Just be patient until the lane beside you opens up and go around them. I will stay out of your lane if you stay out of mine. Because believe me you don't want your really nice Mercedes or Corvette messed up by my littl ole van.

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