Man has always asked of the Lord, "Why us, are we the only ones?". Well, not being a religious scholar, I have nevertheless come across the answer. We are not the only ones, we are just the first ones. Think about it. We have always looked outward, continuing to expand and explore. I used to believe there were others out there but no longer. I believe God did create the universe and all that is in it. But I also believe that He created it all for us. We are just at the very beginning of what He has planned for us. I know He wants us to expand and explore, that is why he made the sun only last so long. He gives us all we need but we must explore and travel the stars. He set us out on a path of discovery and growth but where we end up is so far distant that it is incredibly hard for most of people to comprehend. Our lives are so short compared to that of our planet, sun and distant galaxies that we just don't see that far down the road. The bigger picture is we better learn to live together or God is going to find another species to spread his Word. He can get it wrong sometimes. The dinosaurs, the Neanderthals, they all could be mistakes that He corrected in some way. We are not perfect, that is why we keep going, exploring and searching. In time we will become something other than what we are. Science has a place in His plan, it is our way of figuring out how to spread ourselves outward to fulfill our place in his plan. There are worlds out there supporting life, just not intelligent life as we know it. They are there, Edens waiting for us to find them. We are His children, and just as our children grow up and leave the nest, we too as a people are growing up and will leave for other places. It is our destiny.

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