Online tools...

Just keep exploding. Last night I read about a new online photo editing tool called picnik and it really is slick. I have been using picasa to aquire (scan) my printed photo collection along with organizing all of my photos. I was using Yahoo photos for my online storage, especially when they went to an unlimited amount of storage. Then Yahoo had users move the entire collections to other hosting sites of which I chose Flikr and became a "pro" by paying $25 a year which is fine. I also am a member of Tabblo as I really like their book printing setup. Tabblo can link to Flikr so you don't have to upload the same photos twice. But I still had to edit on my laptop and then upload so I still had two copies of the same photo. Well, now there is picnik, which will link with flikr so you can upload to flikr once, edit with picnik and then make a really cool book with tabblo. And this is not some editing tool with a couple of buttons and not much else. Picnik is loaded with levels, other cools stuff you would find in photoshop and all photos are completely undoable. Because I am a pro user at flikr I get the option of saving the original with the edits or making a new seperate photo which is what I do. I always undo all the edits to my original so it returns to the way it was when I first took the photo. I may want to do something different with it next time. This is becoming too awesome! the only drawback is you have to be connected to the internet but that is not a problem as I will have it at home when I move, and there are so many places I go to that have wifi such as the nursing home where Tammi is that will never be a problem. I don't even like being home anyways so this will just enhance the experience.

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