TV as we know it is dead....

I have been following a short film series on the internet titled "The Devil's Trade", a tense, horror type short. I have to say that with today's world the short webisodes is the way to go. I previously have posted about the new deal with Myspace and Sony where they have taken old series from the 70's and 80's and shrunk them down to 5 minute webisodes. With wifi everywhere and wimax coming soon who will want to sit for an hour to watch a program. Right now I would be more inclined to watch a current hour long program if they were to cut it into 6 or 7 smaller pieces (an hour long show is actually about 42 minutes of programming) and let me watch it over the course of a week. I still will be watching the same amount of content and in the same amount of time (42 minutes each week) but I will be able to fit it into MY schedule. And isn't that what is most important, that as the consumer we have the power to choose when and how we watch, hear, and experience our entertainment? I no longer watch shows when they are new, I wait for them to come out on DVD and get them from Netflix. For me, the center of my entertainment has become my laptop and someday, when it is cheap enough for me, I will have some type of box that will stream this content to my television just as I get it on my laptop.

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