I refuse to let things get me down, to take my smile off of my face. I learned yesterday that the other drivers insurance is not going to accept liability for the the accident. I am unsure if I am going to retain a lawyer or not at this time but I do know that I will move forward with my life. Too much to do and take care of to let this stop me. My faith in God will carry me through this as I know he has a reason and plan for why the accident happened and everything that as come to pass since. I cannot allow myself to be brought down to a bad place because of all the weight that has been placed upon my shoulders, it just would not be the right way to live. I often think of topics I would like to right about even if there is no one to read them but it seems I forget them before I have a chance to actually put the thoughts into words. One that I thought of today regards immigration and the fact that most of the people that come this country do so to create a better life for themselves and their family, especially their children. Two things occurred to me regarding such situations. One is that if they are coming here to create a better life because it is because we have a society here that will allow them to do so. It is always said the American way is that if you work hard enough you can do anything you want. What occurred to me is how do we change the society where that person immigrated from so that they can do that there. I mean no disrespect to anyone that has come here to better themselves, what I mean is what can be done so that they can do the same where they are from. I would think that if a person could do it in their homeland they would. I would think that is how I would feel, that I would leave if I had to but would rather stay if I could. The second thought is if everyone that wants to better themselves leaves to do so, are all that is left are gangs and criminals? They only solution to our problems is to create societies based upon human freedom, such as our country but it seems that as more and more people leave their troubled countries behind it we are becoming a divided world where half are honest hardworking people and the other half are the dregs left behind that would rape and pillage the lands that are left. It is becoming a Madd Maxx scenario from the movie "The Road Warrior". Not now, not in 50 years but if this does not change, in a couple of hundred you will have the divided world and a divided human race.

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