just continues to move on in its relentless pursuit of the end of time. Another week gone by, still too much to do at work, apartment not organized, not enough time spent taking care of Tammi. Blah blah blah. Lets see, the bad things that happened to me this past week: My insurance claim against the other driver was denied. Tammi's leg is continuing to swell My protege was fired My body hurts more and more The check engine light came back on on the Suzuki Now the positives: I can always get a lawyer and sue the pants off his insurance. The staff is finally going to investigate her leg With my protege gone I can once again focus on my own work I can walk and talk and move my body The check engine light stayed off long enough for me to get a state inspection And to boot, we are having pizza tonight! Life is hard and no one is promised an easy road, we can only enjoy the moment as best as possible.

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