just read an article in the ny times regarding the unionized workers at Walmart in Canada. went to the union website to see for myself what the talk was about. talk about whiners! "i work hard but haven't gotten a raise". what kind of bs is that? I work hard, haven't gotten a raise and I am just happy to have a job. if you don't like what your doing or who your working for, then move on. we were not born being owed a job. we learn a trade, work our way up some kind of ladder and if we (and that means me too) are not smart enough to save enough money in the event something goes wrong, then we suffer the consequences. "they know i have two kids at home" does not work for me. it is not the employers responsibility to make sure you handle your private life properly. people need to be accountable for their actions and quit blaming others. if you job does not pay enough, then get a second job or change jobs but don't blame the company.

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