is the big day. I will find out if I still have a job and Tammi should find out when we can meet with the surgeon to discuss the next step in her treatment. What did you think of Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live? I have heard of her but had not really listened to her music, so I have been checking out her videos on youtube and I do like her music. Is she the next Christina Aguilera? She sells sexiness, but the what today doesn't? Even ads that have nothing to do with sex use hot young women as there spokespersons. I like a lot of her songs that I have listened to and I feel I do not have to apologize for that. As for SNL, it just is not funny like it used to. Every Saturday night I stay up just to watch it but increasingly I do this to listen to the guest host opening monologue and to watch the musical guest. The skits just are not funny for the most part. I have also noticed that the musical guests are now being included in the skits. I think anything that may make the skits more interesting and humorous is a good thing. Well, my Cowboys lost again today, another game the could have and should have won. I have to face it, they just are not as good as I want them to be. All the ingredients are there but for some reason they are just not getting it done. I don't know if this current group is ever going to be top tier so I may have to wait another 5-7 years until a new group of players goes at it. Who knows, they may turn it around and in a year or two be that team but I just don't see it happening this year. They may go 10-6 and make the playoffs but then it will be one and done. Again. Mixed up some ground beef, spices, onion, and fresh peppers today for some awesome skillet grilled hamburgers. Tam loved them and she is my yardstick. If she loves it, then I did a good job.

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