A sign of the Times (pun intended)...

I just read that the NY Times is once again going to charge for content. I am at a impasse in my feelings about being charged for online content. I truly understand that the entities that make content available really need to be able to make money at it or they will not be able to provide said content. Its just that there is so much content available on the web that I personally cannot pay for each and every web magazine and newspaper out there, yet I want to read quite a lot of it. I also know that if every major news organization such as the NY Times charged for there content, I can find more than enough private user generated content to satisfy my needs. I mean, if a person in Haiti shoots video with there little digital camcorder and then uploads the video to Youtube with commentary, why should I pay a news organization just to watch the same video? Can websites such as the NY Times or my local Dallas Morning News join forces with others sites and form a clearing house where I could subscribe to the clearing house and I am charged for each article I choose to read, but charged a reasonable price, lets say a penny per article? That way I am only charged for what I read and they earn something for what they have provided. I just do not think that charging for access to their site will work as the youth of today will be in a position to dictate the rules in 10 years or maybe less. There just has to be a way to make all of this work.

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