What a shame....

Brett Favre and the Vikings had a chance to show the world what a class organization they are, and instead proved how immature and classless they truly are. When leading in the closing minutes with a large lead and the other team cannot stop the clock, you take a knee a couple of times and then go take a shower. Instead, they go for it on fourth down, then sing a dumb song in the locker room rubbing it in. Favre in only 4 years younger than I am, and makes more money in one game than I will make in a lifetime but he proved just what an immature little boy he is. He wanted everyone to forgive him when he admitted to popping pills and drinking too much. He may win a superbowl this year and he definately will make the hall of fame, but I will forever use this game to teach my grandchildren the definition of class, or rather the lack of it. p.s. what goes around comes around. If he returns for another year you can bet a defensive player (Brooking?) will take a shot at him no matter the consequences. and as for Williams large mouth (which is as big as his fat gut) Brooking was not going to get his ass kicked at the end. New Orleans is now my favorite team for a week.

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