I am upset....

I just found out one of my very favorite shows has been cancelled. "Third Watch" on Friday's had become my "look forward to" show of the week. Now I have no favorite show for Friday nights. Because of my work schedule and for my own health too, I had decided to limit my tv watching. Oh, it runs alot, but I picked one show each night to watch. Monday's: 24 Tuesday: House Wednesday: Lost Thursday: CSI Friday: well, nothing now. So, maybe I will just listen to some jazz. I have always enjoyed music but for some reason I only listened to it in the vehicle. I guess because for years my drive was rather long and I got my fill of music in the car. But I have gotten away from listening in the car and more at home. My taste in music has changed and I listen alot of smooth jazz for relaxation. Usually after 9 I turn the tv off and the radio on or drop in a cd. I am also becoming a fan of country music. Having grown up in the country you would think I would be a huge fan but I was so against the world for so long I always did the opposite of those around me. I wanted so desperately to be noticed, to not be ignored that I made a clown, or fool of myself. Having let go of so many demons in my mind I now just listen to it because I like it. That goes for anything. In country music, I find alot of songs saying what I feel or what I have felt. It is a good thing. I still like rock, especially older rock that I had rejected in my younger years such as Steely Dan or The Pretenders and Fleetwood Mac. I was too busy damaging my ears with AC/DC. But times change and so does our tastes. I think maybe Friday nights will just be a night completely devoted to soft music, good take out food and relaxation.

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