Sad day........

Today started out really well. Jess and I went to my parents house so she could go stay the night with a friend and I could help my dad replace a disposal and kitchen sink. It, of course, turned out to me a much larger job than we thought. While working on the counter top (we needed to build it up in the back), Mom received a phone call from her sister. My aunt, who has had a recurrence of cancer, died. She had a double masectomy 4 years ago and recently it had returned. She was diagnosed with stage 4 (the worst stage I am told) and it was only a matter of time. Only this morning Mom had said she was given 2 weeks to live but she did not make that. It is hard to joke and laugh knowing family members are suffering. What is worse, I cannot go to the funeral as I had wanted to. I have a counseling meeting this week and my trial in two more weeks. I feel bad but I have asked my parents to pass on my condolences and reasons for not being able to attend. At least she did not pass alone. Her two children both were able to make it to her side before she passed on. That is a good thing. When it is my time I hope I can be surrounded by my loved ones. I had a good day with my parents but also a reminder that each day someone suffers sadness too. It will keep me humble as I make my journey through life.

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