I have not been posting much at all for awhile now, but I am goint to rectify that shortly. There is just too much going on in the world for me to just let it go by without putting in my 2 cents worth. Work is going good, although I am fortunate to still be there. More on that soon enough. Jess is doing pretty good although I worry about how fast she goes through boyfriends. I am hoping she is just feeling her way as to what she likes and doesnt like about boys. The weather is weird, it is May and we have days only in the low 60's for the high! For here, in Texas, that is weird. Folks are doing good.
I have always enjoyed racing but for some reason, this year I have really gotten into watching Nascar. I used to watch the big races (Daytona, Indy,) but I find myself watching it each week and actually planning my schedule around it. Even more weird, I have become a fan of Jeff Gordon! I couldn't stand that little punk! But now that he is in his 30's and there is a whole new group of smartass little 20-something punkass drivers, I identify with him more. I don't know, I just know I root for him most weekends. Of course Tony Stewart can wreck on lap 1 each week and I wouldn't feel bad at all! Can't stand him either!
I have a trial in a week and a half concerning my son. I finally found out it was my responsibility to schedule the counseling. So all this time, my ex I am sure knew this and said nothing. I went last week for the first session ($110/session!) and really took to her. She was sympathetic to my issues and reasons for having stopped being in Ryan's life 6 years ago. I feel I will continue with this and re-enter his life. The counselor is aware that I have limited funds and will work with me in scheduling the sessions. I spoke with the ex's lawyer the other day about just what they wanted from this trial. He told me to just finalize the temporary orders. If there any lawyers out there I sure could use a couple of questions answered. Cooking me some pork ribs tonight. I love them. Not supposed to eat carbs anymore (although I did have some jalapeno salsa and corn chips tonight!) so I eat meat. Love the stuff. I won't tell any vegetarians how to eat if they don't tell me.
I was reading about a "blog sight" tonight where this guy started this company. What he is doing is hiring several different people to write a blog, updated several times a day. They each have a different topic and scour the net for articles, comments, whatever, that is related to the topic of their particular blog. I like that and in the past have tried to include comments about the world around me and not just my world. We shall see.

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