A long time....

I had not realized it has been over 4 months since I last posted. I stay so busy with wor, Tam, and Jess that I just don't have any free time. And since it has been over 6 months since I have had internet at home I just don't get to the cafe very often. I have learned that Schlotkzy (spelling??) has free internet also, so once Tam goes back into the hospital I will be on alot more. The cafe here is really nice but it sure is hot in here. But that is ok, they have a very good connection, the cost of a great tasting cup of mocha frappe is less than $4, and not only is it on the way home but it is close to work and a lot of places to eat dinner. She is hurting so bad I just hope they give us a surgery date soon and that the surgery itself will be soon. I was finaly smart enough to do remember something. Today I brought headphones in with me and that was the way to go!! I watched some webisodes of battlestar galactica (I think they turned the heaters on just so people will buy more frappe's!!) and that just wetted my appetite for more internet. I am sorry but I have to leave now, this is just too hot in here!!

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