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Cowboys vs Giants: Dallas 23 Giants 16. This will be a game that Dallas will be in control of but will not blow out the Giants. With the weather being nice but in the 40's the running game will dominate. Romo will use a short, controlled passing attack to keep the Giants defense off balance while the running game will be strong enough to keep the chains moving. I predict Romo will go 18 for 27 for 220 yards. Alot of passes on slants and in the slot to the tight ends. Linebackers just will not be able to keep up with Witten and Fasano and that will open up the slot receiver as well. Once the defense has to account for them, the corners will be left one on one with Glenn and Owens. I see Dallas driving in the first half but the Giants will stiffen in the red zone so Gramatica will have 3 short field goals. Later, as Dallas wears down the Giants defense Dallas will have a couple of long drives ending in touchdowns to put the game away. The Giants will score some points late to account for the closeness of the score, which will be closer than the actual game. Tammi was admitted to the hospital this past Tuesday as she was experiencing some swelling and hotness on her hip. The doctors agreed something was wrong and proceeded to have more MRI's and CT scans done. On top of that they did not get the whole hip in the scans and had to do them again on Thursday. Today she told me they are changing her antibiotics as she should not have a flair up of infection while on these antibiotics. So here we are, once again praying to have this surgery done quickly and yet it seems it is getting farther and farther away. There are times the weight of all this just becomes too much, but then I hear from her or my daughter and all is better. Where this is going to I don't know but I will continue to strive to take care of them. We have much to do in life yet. I am nearly 42 years old and yet I get so excited of stuff, stuff I really enjoy doing. I am a fanatic now with notebook computers. I cannot ever see a reason to go back to a desktop pc. The mobility is something I just love. With broadband and wifi becoming so commonplace, I can go so many places and log on. Today I found out every library in Dallas and Arlington has free wifi, along with the Schlotzkys sandwich shops, and the coffee shop I go to near my work. Add in the fact that the library is such a quiet place to work I feel I will be going much more often. The main Dallas library is just a few blocks from the train station so whenever I ride the train to go see Tam I can stop off for awhile at the library. The Arlington main library is open most nights until 9pm so I will have an hour or so to be online. I predict that within 10 years free wifi will everywheres. Already I have decided that there is not reason to pay $2.99 for 2 hours at Mcdonalds or to pay $40 a month at Starbucks. Why pay for access when you can have it for free? Sure, you can't watch porn at the library but I don't have a need for that. Downloading music might be frowned upon for taking up so much bandwidth, but again I can live without that. The main thing I miss by not having it at home those moments you want to look something up right away. But acceptance sets me free and I accept that I don't have it at home so i look for other ways. Write it down and look it up whenever I do get online. Oh, and then there is my parents house where I always get online for free. So there are many advantages to being mobile and the best part is that prices are coming down so low for pretty well setup units there just isn't a reason to buy anything else. I told my wife that whenever I buy one I will purchase an extended warranty policy and when that policy is up is when I will buy a new notebook. That way I always have warranty and a fairly up to date computer. Enough of this for tonight but it is good to be blogging again. Speaking of blogging, this goes right in with a new way of thinking I have been working on. Instead of becoming upset at something, I look to what I could have done to avoid the issue. My example comes from a doctor's appointment we had a couple of months ago. We showed up for the appointment and they promptly told me the doctor was not in and that they had called and left a message for us that we needed to reschedule. Knowing how much pain it causes Tam to get out I really blew a gasket as I never received any such message. Later I thought about whatI could have done to avoid this issue and ever since then I have made a point to call and verify our appointments. What I am trying to say is, instead of laying blame on others, I find my "ownership" in the issue and work from there. Yes, it is there fault that I did not get the message, but people make mistakes. But if I had called in advance I would have know to reschedule. And since then that has happened a couple of times. This all comes from Dr. Phil and the book I read 3 years ago. I am still learning how to communicate with people and this is just another step. How does this apply to blogging? Because I do not have internet at home. Instead of stressing over something that I cannot control at this time, I look for solutions in other places.

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