An ending and a beginning....

Today Tammi had surgery on her left hip. The ending is that the wait to is over. The beginning is that this is the beginning of 6 months of surgeries to put her back together again. Everything went well and she is now resting in the ICU. She is expected to only spend on night there and then be moved to a regular room. Sunday she will have her first wound change with the vac so that will not be a fun day as it is extremely painful. Right now she hurts a lot but they have her on a self-administering pain release which means she does not hurt for long. I have decided to pay the $63 for a room at the hospital hotel located on the 9th floor. That way I can get a good nights sleep as tomorrow will be another long day. I am hoping she will be moved in the morning so I can get settled in to stay with her through wound care on Sunday. This past week I scanned some photos in and then uploaded to yahoo and then sent them to Target for one hour printing. I am still amazed and impressed with this setup. I scanned them enlargement from 4x6 to 5x7 and they came out great. Then I bought 8x10 frames with matting for the 5x7 size and we are giving them for gifts. Tam has been crafting modge podge containers that we filled with sugar free hot chocolate and I wanted to contribute with my creativity. I have been going through photos I have shot over the years and found some that I thought were relevent to certain family members. I don't know if these people will understand the meaning behind the picture they were given, i.e. that it was something that I had created and then spent time putting together, but I am proud of them and the job I did making the final, finished product.

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