Is going to rule the internet and that is ok. I have been using nearly all of the tools and things they off and I have to say, as someone that is always on the go I like what they offer. I really like how everything is integrated. Like everything I use, I just want it to work and it does. Lets see if I can list everything I use from Google: Picasa2 - for my photos Blogger - for blogging (hence this post) Calendar - to organize my life Gmail - For my communication needs Docs - So I can do my reports anywhere, anytime I am connected. Maps - So I can find where everything is. Video's - For my entertainment needs Search - The original reason for Google, so I can find all there is to find. That is all I can think of but I sure there will be more. I have to say that I do use other tools from the web as well. I like Flickr better than Google photos and Tabblo is also a better web hosting are. Also, allyoucanupload is good, owned by Webshots. But for the most part Google is the one-stop-shopping Walmart of the web for me.

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