When is pain more than pain?

Yesterday I went to see my doctor hoping he would send me to a specialist. He did but I won't be able to see the specialist for another month. For the past 10 days or so I have been experiencing pain on the right rear of my head. This pain increases as my heart rate increases as it is my pulse I am feeling. If I really work up a good heart rate the pain becomes intolerable. And that is what has me worried. At rest the pain is very slight but it is still there. I am worried about things like stroke, aneurysm, or something else. This is not the time for me to have a medical issue. I have held off taking medication for this as I did not want to mask the problem. I feel that if you sprain your wrist, for example, you know the cause of the inflammation and pain. I do not know what is causing my brain to hurt when my heart rate increases so I do not know what the consequences of taking an anti-inflammatory would be. I have an appointment for July 3 but if something were to open up sooner I am at the top of the list to see the neurologist. Paid my application fee for the apartment I wish to move to yesterday and as soon as she calls to tell me I am approved (I do not see any reason why I would not be) I will pay the first months rent. They have a special of the first month's rents for $199 plus no deposit and she said she would honor that even though I will not be moving in until August 1. I have not even looked at the apartments themselves but hey on is the same as another. I told her all I needed was a place to lay my head as my wife is in a nursing home down the street and I will not be home much anyways. It is all working out as if it was meant to be. I stopped in, they have special, they are close to the nursing home and she kept the special since I am paying early. I told her I did not care what apartment I had at first or what floor it was on, that we would transfer once my wife is released from the nursing home. I was going to sign a 6 month lease and then decide what to do after Tam gets out, if she does get to come home. But now I think I will sign a 1 year lease since we plan on transferring when Tam gets to come home anyways. The transfer fee is $200 so that is acceptable and it is a nice enough area that I don't mind staying a full year there. They even have covered parking, something I have never had. All in all it is working out.

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