More of the same, a whole lot more...

Today was a footrace from the moment I walked in to work. I have developed a system (really simple yet effective) of making a printout of each and every item that needs to be addresses, as soon as it comes to me. This way I can track what I have left to do and simply discard when I have finished the task. Work is so busy I don't need a complicated method of tracking what is on my agenda. When the pile is finished, I am finished. However, today's pile became so large so fast I never was able to get back to yesterday's pile! Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Tam is still hurting fiercly, and today she added mental anguish as well. Yesterday she was in such pain she just stayed in bed when her attendant was her doing the chores. Turns out the young woman got on Tam's laptop and was playing on her myspace instead of working! We discussed our options and decided she had crossed the line, that you do not borrow someone's computer without permission. While she is a nice young woman, she could have downloaded a virus, even unintentionally, or visited webpages she should not have. Bottom line, doing that is like going into someones purse or eating their food without asking first. It has cost this young woman her job. I took pictures of Tam's laptop showing the page she visited as the girl never closed the web browser. Tough lesson to learn.

Weather is still hot, hot, hot. And the humidity just makes it unbearable. I will be so glad when September gets here.

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