What goes up must come down...

That would be our emotions currently as Tammi finished 3 days of testing yesterday. It is called an Indium test and it is performed to reveal infections and abscesses. Basically 60cc's of blood is drawn, sent to a lab for white blood cell culturing, reintroduced into the body. Then 24 and 48 hours later the body is scanned. Anywhere there is infection the white blood cells will flock to and show up on the scan. Well, there is activity in her left hip region, which has been very painful for at least a month now. We have not yet had the discussion with her doctor over exactly how much and what type of activity, however that will be coming soon. So we know that her pain is real and there is a name for it, we just don't yet know what that name is. Looks like round 4 will be starting with this enemy.

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