She's Home!!!!

My daughter, Jess, is home now. Where she belongs. With her father. So much has happened to me in the past several years. But now, I have my second chance to do things right. To be the father I want to be. It has been quite a learning experience, for all those involved. But I have become such a stronger, better person. Life is really good right now. I owe so much of it to what I learned in Dr. Phil's book and to my faith in God. In my ability to let my emotions calm down and gain strength from the Lord to make good decisions about whatever is in front of me. I derive the strength and patience to not worry about things that are not under my control at that moment. To only focus on what is directly in front of me and worry about later stuff, later. I could go on and on, but I think the message is clear and I am reaping benefits from it. Tam and I could have done this together and I could have been in RC with all my girls but she lacked faith in me and that was her mistake. I am alone, but I am happy and confident of my future. My girl is back with me, progress is being made in my reintroduction to my son and that is all that matter right now.

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