When will the madness stop?

Gulf Daily News: "WASHINGTON: An ageing US population will strain public finances and hurt the economy without swift fixes to the social safety net, such as raising the age for full retirement benefits, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said yesterday"
Just as I suspected; this administrations is not only sucking away our money in the present, the want to make us work longer and pay more just to get less in the future!

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Zelda said...

Paulie, it would do you so much good to review the history of social security. I'm not saying it condescendingly because you seem like a smart man. Social security was supposed to be temporary relief for the elderly during the Depression. At the time, the average age is much lower than it is now, and it was every 20 workers supporting one elderly person. Today it is every three workers supporting one elderly person who is living 5-10 years longer. I'm sorry, but I would rather forego my SS for my own personal slush fund of my own investment. I don't want to pay for SS and I don't want taxpayers to pay for mine. Guess I'm voting for Bush.