A breath of fresh air....

Today I got to take Tam outside. The physical therapy team came with this special chair that we put her in. The chair has a motor to make it sit up or lay down as they want her to work on sitting up more. She went as high as she could tolerate painwise. I then wheeled her outside and for the first time in more than two months she felt a breeze upon her face. It was a very good thing. We stayed out about 20 minutes and then she was ready to go back as it was very humid and hot. But to get out for just that short amount of time helped both of our spirits. Thursday I will be taking her out again. The hope is she will be able to sit up fully soon. She needs to regain her strength for the upcoming operation. I want my wife home in the worst way. Each time I spend the night at the hospital I have such a hard time leaving the next day. But I remain strong so I can be there for her whenever she needs me. She would do it for me. Saturday night I finally got to use my new DVD recorder. And it met and exceeded my expectations. It might break tomorrow but for today it works great. And that was using the Frye's Electronics house brand of DVD! At 17 cents a disc, I can afford to build a large collection of shows and movies. Tam and I were talking last night and there are so many movies that we would not mind having in a collection but would not pay $3 for. Think of the Lifetime channel as an example. The discs are so much cheaper than what VCR tapes cost and hopefully will last much longer. And I can always copy a disc to the computer and then burn it on a new disc if I fear deteriation has set in.

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Lori said...

That sounds great....hope she gets better soon!!!

17 cents a disc is really good...I paid 50 a disc last time I caught them on sale!!

Have a great day!!!