Saw Gates McFadden in a commercial tonight. For those that do not know who she is, watch reruns of Star Trek: Next Generation and take a look at the doctor. Sometimes I drive my wife crazy with my uncanny ability to remember actors names and where I have seen them before. I don't know why I am so good at it but if I see them once, I will be able to recognize them right away, even if it has been years since I first saw them. I bought a DVC recorder today. I went for the advertised model but ended up buying a different one. I got an RCA model that was refurbished instead of being brand new. It is quite large but I figure as long as it works. And maybe I got a better one than the new model selling for around the same price. I got it out but have not hooked it up yet. I have been wanting one to make my own recordings of my favorite shows so I don't have to buy those expensive boxed sets. If this works I will be one lean mean recording machine. I want to give a shoutout and thanks for the tip to Lori. I have yet to find out of there is a Krystal's here but it is nice to know there might be. It is getting closer to the time to cut the internet off. But that might not be such a bad thing. Instead of goofing off on the puter each night I might make it an event by going once a week and doing all my internet stuff in a couple of hours. Get me out of the house. But it is nice being able to look something up anytime I want to. Maybe, if I hurry up and send it, I can win my appeal and not lose it completely. We shall see. I was contacted by a director at another dealer last weekend. They are seeking a warranty administrator and I was recommended by a mutual friend. I interviewed on Wednesday, well, more like an informal meeting to just feel each other out. I am not looking for something else but I owe it to myself and my family to listen. I have worked for this company before (1997-1998) and thought I would never again. But I am older and my needs have changed. I might not even be offered the position but I have been weighing the pros and cons of each place. I don't think I will change jobs but one never knows what might be offered. Because I missed all of Monday waiting for Tam to be transferred to another hospital I won't see her again until Sunday afternoon. I really miss her and it just tears me up when I have to go so long without seeing her. I struggle just going from morning to evening. But we will overcome this. Our Love is strong and deep. Got to go to bed now.

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Your welcome!!!!

Gotta love Star Trek Enterprise!!!

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